Product Specifications

Vintage Welsh Textile Gifts

by Clare Jenkins

Traditional Welsh gifts and cushions, hand
made from Vintage Welsh Blankets


Textile Gifts Made From Vintage Welsh Blankets

Door Plaques - Made from Vintage Welsh Blanket s

Product Specifications

Vintage Door plaque from Welsh blankets for the kitchen

Door Plaque - DP01

Very pretty mint green and pale yellow door plaque embroidered with "Cegin" (kitchen) in yellow. Something new for your home this Spring! 1 available.


Welsh Blanket door plaque

Door Plaque - DP02

Padded door plaque made from tapestry blanket in green, salmon pink, lemon and cream with a heart embroidered in salmon pink on the front. 1 available.


Door plaque from Welsh blanket

Door Plaque - DP03

Padded door plaque made from salmon pink, green and cream checked Welsh blanket. "Croeso" (welcome) is embroidered in candy pink. 1 available.


Padded door plaque for the garden room or even shed

Door Plaque - DP04

New for 2011! Pretty door plaque in peach, salmon pink, green, yellow, cream and black with "Gardd" (garden) embroidered in mint green. Something different for the garden room, conservatory or even garden shed! 1 available.


Door plaque with Cartref/home embroidery

Door Plaque - DP05

Lovely fresh door plaque made from a blanket in cream, aqua, brown and gold originally made at Derw Mill, Pentrecwrt. Cwtch is embroidered in aqua. 1 available.


Vintage Welsh door plaque

Door Plaque - DP06

Lovely door plaque in peach, cream, purple and blue. Cariad has been embroidered in purple. 1 available.


Welsh blanket heart door plaque

Door Plaque - DP07

Tapestry blanket heart shaped door plaque in green, salmon pink, yellow and cream with a heart embroidered on the front in yellow. 1 available.


Vintage Welsh blanket heart door plaque

Door Plaque - DP08

Pretty door plaque made from a vibrant Welsh blanket from Derw Mill, Pentrecwrt in green, cream and lemon. Cwtsh has been embroidered in a contrasting, strong green. 1 available.


Door plaque from vintage Welsh blanket

Door Plaque - DP09

Pretty door plaque made from a green, cream and coral pink 'Carthen Fringe' blanket from Derw Mill. The flower at the centre has been made from dyed and felted vintage blankets with a recycled button at the centre. 1 available.


Door plaque

Door Plaque - DP10

Door plaque made from blanket possibly originally made at Gwili Mill or Derw Mill. 1 available.


Cwtsh door plaque

Door Plaque - DP11

New stock wil arrive here son! Please watch this space.


Door plaque with embroidery

Door Plaque - DP12

Very early Welsh blanket possibly home made in caramel and cream chevron pattern with "Cwtch" embroidered in vibrant pink. 1 available.