Product Specifications

Vintage Welsh Textile Gifts

by Clare Jenkins

Traditional Welsh gifts and cushions, hand
made from Vintage Welsh Blankets


Textile Gifts Made From Vintage Welsh Blankets

Vintage Welsh Blanket Square Cushions

Product Specifications

Welsh Blanket cushions

Square Cushion - SC1801

Lovely pair of 18" cushions made from pink, green and cream blanket that originated from Derw Mill, Pentrecwrt. Available singly or as a pair. 2 available.


Square cushion from Welsh Blanket

Square Cushion - SC1802

Pair of 18" Welsh cushions made from blanket originally produced at Derw Mill, Pentrecwrt. 2 available.


Welsh tapestry blanket cushions

Square Cushion - SC2003

20" cushions from from a strikingly coloured Welsh blanket in cream, rich red, brown, gold and green that originated from Derw Mill, Pentrecwrt. Available singly or as a pair.2 available.


Vintage Welsh blanket cushions

Square Cushion - SC2004

This cushion has been made from an unusual Welsh blanket in a terracotta, cream and teal with original fringing intact. 1 available.


Cushion from Vintage Welsh blanket

Square Cushion - SC2005

Lovely large cushion in pale grey, lilac, lemon and cream check. The original blanket stitch has been retained on the opening edge. 1 available.


Welsh tapestry blanket cushion

Square Cushion - SC2006

A cushion made from an older and less-seen Welsh blanket in caramel, black, pistachio green and yellow. 1 available.



Rectangular Cushion - RC07

Pretty long cushion made from blanket in lilac, coral, green, cream and gold originally made at Derw Mill, Pentrecwrt. 1 available.


Welsh blanket cushion with embroidered hearts

Rectangular Cushion - RC08

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